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Regina Irene

"A Message Through The Arts"

Regina Irene is from Long Island, New York.  She earned her Associates Degree in English from Suffolk County Community College and a Bachelor of Religious Education and Theology from Mason Kelly Washington Religious Institute. Working in the human services and mental health field, she is currently an advocate for victims of human trafficking and the commercial sexual exploitation of children. This is Regina Irene’s first published work.

Inspired by Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes, Nikki Giovanni, and many other great poets, Regina Irene’s writings tell a story from beginning to end.

Thought provoking, dynamic, rich and powerful, Ink Flow: Flowin’ from My Heart is a wonderful addition to anyone’s library.

Her latest collection of personal poems and writings stem from the author’s quiet time spent with God.  Colorfully and masterfully written, the author takes the reader on a literary journey of through her life and experiences using dramatic imagery and passion.

"I am a story teller of life's journey who uses poetry and words spoken as my vehicle of choice."

-Regina Irene

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