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So many of you asked what does TBD (BTD, etc)  Mean.  TBD stands for To Be Determined. To Be determined to get out of the boxes many of put you in.  To be determined to be the next big artist, or to make a living as an artist.  Also your altitude is determined by your attitude so your future really is up to you. Now you get it?  

That said, an as TBD continues to evolve...let us add this to our mission statement.  We are determined to embrace the responsibility of art to inspire, encourage, empower, and enlighten.

We are looking for submissions for the next Baldwin Renaissance event.  Painters, Sculptors, dancers, actors, film makers, poets.... all are welcome.  Email me at

We are also looking for interviewees for our documentary project " Dead Flowers in my Garden".  This is a documentary about recovering from a bad break-up/divorce. 


"A society must assume that it is stable, but the artist must know, and he must let us know, there this is nothing stable under heaven" 

- James Baldwin


The Baldwin Renaissance is the Long Island cultural and arts initiative that creates a platform for multicultural artist from diverse disciplines to promote discussions, debates and critique about the role of art in society.  We seek to exhibit in unique and non traditional spaces throughout Long Island.

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