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Frank Miranda

"Inspiration Through The Arts"

Frank Miranda is currently a Technical Project Manager after being an Information Technology Specialist for over 20 years with a degree in Computer Technology and served as a School Board Trustee for 7 years for his School District and is Member of the Zoning Board of Appeals for the Village of New Hyde Park for 24 years. He lives with his loving wife Lisa and 2 children in New Hyde Park, NY. He has always been a do it yourself project after realizing he grew up in a negative dysfunctional home which has awaken him on this enlightening journey of peace, success and good loving relationships. With over 30 years of spiritual and scientific research and now a published inspirational author he shares his story of all the challenges and obstacles he overcame to become a patient, happy, functional, loving human being in today’s society which he wishes to help anyone who may have gone through similar difficult circumstances in their lives.
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